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Check out my reaction to BTS [TinyTAN | ANIMATION] - Dream ON | REACTION!!!


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    • REACT TO MAGIC SHOP i promise u wont regret it

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    • @Bryant Orion Checking it out now. Seems good so far.

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    • not sure if anyone cares but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

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    • No hate but please stop pausing every time like enjoy it pay attention then at the end u can go back and give out ur thought (no hate)

    • Pleace.... watch suga's sword dance 💙💙💙💙💙💙

      TatianaTatiana2 tháng trước
  • NO SE QUE DICES pero eres la mamada c:

    Hyung mai uwuHyung mai uwu19 ngày trước
  • You should react to the bts storyline

    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson21 ngày trước
  • Please react on Spring day Mv with explanation 💜

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  • Seriously , who couldn't went awww when seeing this adorables ?

    Anonymously , MeAnonymously , MeTháng trước
  • This is the only channel i trust

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  • 6:00 No mate, you didn't get anything. She was tearing up because like so many of us, unable to follow our dreams and work in an area we really want, she is also unable to follow her dream and having to work in a work she does not want (thi has other episodes). She is so bored and suffocated in her dull life and work, which you can already see from her looks in the train and from her sigh and dropping her bag when she enters her home. Her dream is to be a pianist, and it is directly pointed out when the cute tiny whale came out of her shirt and flied all over the piano related posters on her hoome's walls. That is not an effing Disney princess for you :/ Anyways.

    Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭Jungkook Nation ⟬⟭Tháng trước
  • Not me crying at the end 👁💧👄💧👁

    Jaydah JacksonJaydah Jackson2 tháng trước
  • hi this isn’t kpop related but can you react to ‘Panalo’ by Ez Mil on Wish 1075? ❤️ i just want to see your reaction on that video . Thank you ☺️

    sam moniesam monie2 tháng trước
  • I love that you love BTS. Because I'm an Army #btsarmy

    MC celMC cel2 tháng trước
  • This TinyTan was especially comforting to me because I am just like that Army. Some days I wonder if my dreams are worth all the stress. Maybe everyone is right and I should just do the practical thing. A music career isn't guaranteed. What if I fail? But then there's BTS, who remind me that my dreams are worth it. They remind me that, even if no one else supports me, there are 7 guys in Korea who are my biggest fans, even though we've never met.

    Cari BrownCari Brown2 tháng trước

    Baby PancakeBaby Pancake2 tháng trước
  • Please blue and grey reaction

    Baby PancakeBaby Pancake2 tháng trước
  • basically she loved playing piano but could not play it due to some reasons so basically she was crying due to that and they made her feel special and 12:00 means that today has finished and a new day has begun so you can be little more happier it's what they basically do to us it's a visual representation

    damanjot singh sekhondamanjot singh sekhon2 tháng trước
  • 06:27 oh my god .. jungkook is so adorable. Do you know the surprise about BTS ? See here:

    Joseph JohnsonJoseph Johnson2 tháng trước
  • I actually in love with taekook ship.. So maybe u like to upload some video bout their performance together... Please🙏

    Fatmawati ChandraFatmawati Chandra2 tháng trước
  • Bro plzz react to emiway his is indian rapper

    heystobit_jin_heystobit_jin_2 tháng trước

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  • Cool Reaction Video

    Renato LermaRenato Lerma2 tháng trước
  • Pleace.... watch suga's sword dance 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    TatianaTatiana2 tháng trước
  • 12AM means zero o'clock 00:00:00 Also she cried because she has been fighting hard to be a pianist but its hard especially coming home with all that emotions and be alone. BTS are showing her that she can do it.

    BUTTERCUP JonesBUTTERCUP Jones2 tháng trước
  • 1.44 Them: what's in July? Me: MY BIRTHDAYYYYDo you know the surprise about BTS ? See here:

    Margaret ReedMargaret Reed2 tháng trước
  • You're almost at a million subs man, keep it going!

    timitr0mtimitr0m2 tháng trước
  • please tell me I wasn't the only one who bawled my eyes out watching this

    •rantaro••rantaro•2 tháng trước
  • 1 Million subscribers 💜💜

    عٍلُِيعٍلُِي2 tháng trước
  • 6:46 thats eyeliner

    namjoon wifenamjoon wife2 tháng trước
  • Whale is important to Korean! Thanks for reacting this video

    따단따단2 tháng trước

    joochan's babyjoochan's baby2 tháng trước
  • I need to see you react to the Daechwita music video (pronounced day-she-TA) from Agust D's new album D-2. It's fire. And the storyline is sick.

    Evie_StevieEvie_Stevie2 tháng trước
  • You never heard 00:00 o’clock

    Ashira DassieAshira Dassie2 tháng trước
  • Yo Bris, how could you not know this song? It's a piece of art (went out on febbraury 2020)... It is out from a year now 😭 I understood now when you didn't captured why the clock was turning into 00.00

    Guido PoleseGuido Polese2 tháng trước
  • I’m trying to see what city we’re in by the buildings It’s Seoul.

    CarrieCarrie2 tháng trước
  • As a musician and pianist myself & Suga smiling at the end gosh this hit me hard. I’m working a job no where related to music but I do hope to get a job in the music field soon. Plus Zero O’ Clock playing in the background once Jin & Jimin hit those high notes made me ball so bad!

    Kathina GalleryKathina Gallery2 tháng trước
  • please react to bts tinytan magic door

    LCS 7LCS 72 tháng trước
  • 형 모자랑 후드티 어울려요 리액션 좋아요^^

    young song jinyoung song jin2 tháng trước
  • 00:00 =12:00 .....0 o' clock!!!!! briiiiiiis you have to see the lyrics of this song!!!! That's how you gonna understand

    Alexandra GacAlexandra Gac2 tháng trước
  • V crying 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤭

    Dorjay Gaming YTDorjay Gaming YT2 tháng trước
  • you know what this song means? It means when BTS are gone, they have to go their own paths and thay think that they will never see ARMY again since it is the last of them. And I think the day they are no longer on the internet is coming quite close so yeah...if they ever leave, imma cry myself out the whole day since they are so special and precious to us ARMY's. Hope you love them as much as we do. And please do more BTS videos. And also they have been doing these videos for 7 years now and this is the 8th year. Hope you see this comment and maybe give me a shoutout on your next video? I mean, i know i am 5-6 days late but i really want you to see this comment and also prepare some tissues while you are reading this even tho i think you haven't read this yet. I know this comment is quite long but it is worth it so yeah. See you in the next video

    Chow Ee XuenChow Ee Xuen2 tháng trước
  • Is the same girl from their mic drop tiny tan video. Who works in the bakery but is a pianist prodigy. It’s like they telling her to not give up on her dreams

    Mandy LandMandy Land2 tháng trước
  • Why am i crying ?

    Zahraousmane SaidZahraousmane Said2 tháng trước
  • You should react to the video " when bts is the actual korean version of dionysus" by K Doc

    J. G.J. G.2 tháng trước
  • You should react to the video " when bts is the actual korean version of dionysus" by K Doc

    J. G.J. G.2 tháng trước
  • You should react to the video " when bts is the actual korean version of dionysus" by K Doc

    J. G.J. G.2 tháng trước
  • You should react to the video " when bts is the actual korean version of dionysus" by K Doc

    J. G.J. G.2 tháng trước
  • so my lil bro and i were watching the mv together and he isn’t even a big army like i am but he realized that 12:00 was “00:00 zero o’clock”...I CRIED.

    anoushka nairanoushka nair2 tháng trước
  • I LOVE YOU BTS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Madhumita Dutta RoyMadhumita Dutta Roy2 tháng trước
  • This was a push of encouragement from BTS to ARMY... to still 0 oclock, it’s a brand new day. just keep trying to reach your dream.

    Crystal SevillaCrystal Sevilla3 tháng trước
  • You have my respect!!! 💜💜

    Crystal SevillaCrystal Sevilla3 tháng trước
  • Reaction for SUPERJUNIOR burn the floor please

  • Reaction for SUPERJUNIOR burn the floor please

  • She is BTS Army Princess !

    BTSArmyNoona kook97BTSArmyNoona kook973 tháng trước
  • Peace

    LoveLove3 tháng trước
  • "12 o clk?" it's zero o clock. their song from MOTS:7 album edit: also, she ain't disney princess. she's ARMY

    Sudhandira PSudhandira P3 tháng trước
  • next NCT U - From Home Rearranged MV ver & Can't live Without You Please

    Youlanda GrYoulanda Gr3 tháng trước
  • next NCT U - From Home Rearranged MV ver & Can't live Without You Please

    Youlanda GrYoulanda Gr3 tháng trước
  • B hope you are doing well and stay safe. Thanks for the reaction.

    Debra WestDebra West3 tháng trước
  • 00:00 o' this song

    Debra WestDebra West3 tháng trước
  • 6:37 soo true ! 😭😭

    Mochii 95Mochii 953 tháng trước
  • "I wonder why she was crying" Cause it do be like that sometimes.

    Hey ScalefinHey Scalefin3 tháng trước
  • 4:30 Can’t believe I never saw the add/billboard with tiny tan J-Hope.. it’s so adorable 🥰💜 I was too into my emotions I wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings 😅

    Some PersonSome Person3 tháng trước
  • BTS родные мои 💜😢 больно было смотреть 😢😢скучаю и люблю вас BTS 😭

    방탄소년단아미방탄소년단아미3 tháng trước
  • Dude I cried, and I cried even harder when they looked at her so proud touching the piano and when yoongi looked at her sleeping (and that part hits different when he’s your bias and you’re depressed 😬)

    jeonjkluvjeonjkluv3 tháng trước
  • I cried watching the video 💜

    Tea MonieTea Monie3 tháng trước
  • Lmaooo this song made me cry but his reaction to this video really made my day😂

    Buse KBuse K3 tháng trước
  • Souls from pixars !

    Alisa LiliAlisa Lili3 tháng trước
  • "Why was she crying?" Since the first video, we see her dream is playing the piano but she's not living her dream fully. She's not a Disney princess, she's us. She represents ARMY. They're supporting her and making her feel better, just like they do with us. "12 am? What are we doing at 12 am?" .... The song it's literally called 0:00, dude.

    Anabella SobrinoAnabella Sobrino3 tháng trước
  • Could you react CRAVITY

    Ece SenoyarEce Senoyar3 tháng trước
  • Oh my lordy the way Tae cries in the end hits my heart man. And the way Jimin consoles him *sniff*

    Natasya SharmaNatasya Sharma3 tháng trước
  • PLEASE REACT TO COCA COLA AD SONG JUNGLE COVERED BY BTS VOCAL LINE. ARMY APPREACIATES JUNGKOOK AS LEAD FOR THIS 😁😁😁💜💜💜💜🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭🤭😯 sorry to sound crazy. Its just an amazing cover. Especially with JKs voice.

    •july lupus••july lupus•3 tháng trước
  • BRIS, you killed me man when you was like, they look like fairly odd parents🥲🤣🤣😆🤣🤣😆🤣🤣

    Jenny MonfortJenny Monfort3 tháng trước
  • Lets try to think in a reverse way, how many people had the feeling like being the loneliest person in the world, just like whale 52, and BTS can reach you out and comfort you. When you become ARMY, you wont be the lonly one anymore. That's how this song is so healing and comforting.

    Eric LaiEric Lai3 tháng trước
  • She is crying because she cannot play the piano, which is her real DREAM. That might be because she has to earn money at the bakery. I do think it is really nice of them to help others(army?) be on the stage..

    jungeun Yunjungeun Yun3 tháng trước
  • Lets appreciate how the video is exactly 11 : 11

    anime girlanime girl3 tháng trước
  • Idk why but yoongis smile at the end made my heart melt 🥺

    Kaitlin RaeKaitlin Rae3 tháng trước
  • dont worry i was crying for hours after watching this

    sayuki chiku -さよきちくsayuki chiku -さよきちく3 tháng trước
  • I laugh because I don’t want to cry 😭💜but I still end up crying haha tears or pain and joy because they are making us happy and showing us how much they care for our happiness 💜💜💜

    Army Carat ,onceArmy Carat ,once3 tháng trước
  • 4:20 Bris are you really an ARMY?

    moonchild97moonchild973 tháng trước
  • I saw this when it came out last Friday and it was the day I lost my mom to covid so it made me cry even more. I needed to see this so it was so helpful.

    Dana PutzDana Putz3 tháng trước
  • Taemin idea plzzzz

    U Make Me VginU Make Me Vgin3 tháng trước
  • Please react to U-Know Yunho's Thank U. The MV's almost a movie. You are gonna love it.

    Kim JunheeKim Junhee3 tháng trước
  • Please react more to blackpink""Forever yong""

    Ouissal AboulazOuissal Aboulaz3 tháng trước
  • I am sorry, but if you don't even know the title, and don't understand the meaning of this song, you're not a true ARMY. Bye. 🙄🙄💀

    Zuzanna BrzeszczakZuzanna Brzeszczak3 tháng trước
  • Я опять плачу 😭

    Айсулуу АкматоваАйсулуу Акматова3 tháng trước
  • *You NEED to check out HANRYANG* - Heechul (Super Junior), BiBi, Kyunghoon (BUZZ), was produced by DinDin and directed by Shindong (Super Junior.) It also features another group you love, but let's keep that a secret till you watch it. It's the collab of the year, lol. The cinematography is no joke and it's combines a traditional Korean set and instrumentation with a modern Hip Hop style genre. It's awesome! 💗 (You also should check out Super Junior's Burn The Floor performance; it's beautiful. I think you'll love it!)

    Frooty AhmedFrooty Ahmed3 tháng trước

    Graiz BautistaGraiz Bautista3 tháng trước
  • This is soooooo sweet!!! I love it!!! Such positive messages, we need that now....I hope there are many more animations to come....maybe a movie

    Lizz SchotLizz Schot3 tháng trước
  • Este es un vídeo de Yunho (TVXQ), su nombre artístico es U-know, el mundo de los gángster El vídeo animado de BTS está genial 👌👏👏

    Sakuri bitSakuri bit3 tháng trước
  • I know you only do like Kpop contents but U rlly need to check out “Now United” all the members are from different countries. Plz check them out ik u will like it.

    Cha LuCha Lu3 tháng trước
  • Hey bris! You should check out ab6ix's new song Stay Young! Their company doesn't block reaction videos. The MV is so fun and relatable and the song is so good. It's a really cool bright song and I think it will improve so many peoples moods if they listened to it. It speaks to our fears of life passing by and regretting missing experiences because of current circumstances. I think people i quarantine could get a lot of comfort from this song.

    Small PixelSmall Pixel3 tháng trước
  • A little explanation to those whose wondering what the whale means for. First of all, the song played in the video called 00.00 (zero o'clock), the song is about us whose having bad day so we become sad, gloomy. But all those sadness ends today. At 00.00 we have to open a new day and we also have to believe the new day bring happiness. About the whale, Ever heard of the 52 hertz whale? The 52-hertz whale is an individual whale of unidentified species, which calls at the very unusual frequency of 52 Hz. This pitch is a much higher frequency than that of the other whale species with migration patterns most closely resembling this whale's, the blue whale (10-39 Hz) or fin whale (20 Hz). It has been detected regularly in many locations since the late 1980s and appears to be the only individual emitting a whale call at this frequency. It has been described as the "world's loneliest whale". BTS used this as a significant metaphor for their song. The song is about how you can be surrounded by crowds of people of different kinds and when you scream at the top of your lungs no one hears you. Hence the metaphor for the 52-hertz whale, the whale is surrounded by different types of life in the cast waters of earth by its cry us never heard because no one can hear it. I believe that's why the song called "Whalien 52" = 52Hz whale + alien(ated)

    Just AJust A3 tháng trước
  • React to pentagon “daisy” , it’s so good NO DISAPPOINTMENTS IN THE SONG!!!!

    Amna HabonaAmna Habona3 tháng trước
  • Please react Epik High-ROSARIO 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Lauane ResendeLauane Resende3 tháng trước

    l0veseongl0veseong3 tháng trước
  • PLEASE REACT TO VICTON - WHAT I SAID !! you'll love iiiitttt

    Krc알레이나Krc알레이나3 tháng trước
    • Yessss

      ShayShay3 tháng trước
  • Can you reaction for SUPERJUNIOR burn the floor please

  • React to U-KNOW Thank U

    Ana Carolina FerreiraAna Carolina Ferreira3 tháng trước
  • It is the same tower from itaewon. it's Namsan Tower which is one of the Landmarks in Seoul. A must visit when you go to S. Korea :) The Song (00:00) is from the map of the soul 7, the lyrics of this is very comforting :)

    francesandstufffrancesandstuff3 tháng trước
  • React Victon- What I Said please

    Arely NeryArely Nery3 tháng trước
  • You should react to victon's new song "What I Said" it slaps

    爱ᴇʀɪɴ爱ᴇʀɪɴ3 tháng trước